5 Traits Of A Top NYC Escort

From her charming smile to her stylish grace, a New York City escort is a sensual creature who will have every eye on her when she walks into a room. She can be the dream date you've always fantasized about, or the perfect woman on your arm accompanying you for a romantic night or weekend. So, what sort of traits will she have besides her obvious talents to take you to the greatest heights of pleasure? We've taken the liberty to compile a list on the 5 traits of a top New York City escort for you: 1. Wit & Intelligence It goes without saying that a top NYC escort needs to have the ability to hold a conversation that is intellectual, as well as possess the astuteness to know when and where to say what. She is a smart and sassy companion whose sex appeal lies not just in her beauty, but also in her sharp mind. 2. Beauty Speaking of beauty... a top NYC escort takes care and pride in her appearance. She is well toned, healthy, fit and exercises regularly. She is also tasteful about what she wears regardless of the occasion. Her makeup and hair is always impeccable. All that health and positive energy makes her great in bed and ready for any adventures you both decide to embark upon! 3. Confidence An NYC escort who has made it to the top will have the confidence of a goddess. She is not afraid to take the lead when it comes to your desires and she is able to mingle socially with any crowd. She has the self confidence and sexual confidence to know what she wants, which makes her totally irresistible to any man and especially to you. 4. Humor She will laugh at your jokes and probably crack a few of her own to make you chuckle too. A top NYC escort has a great sense of humor and she will be unfazed at situations that could cause awkwardness for other people. She has developed her own way of looking at the world which is lighthearted, making her a fun companion who will be the life of any party or bedroom. 5. Passion & Sensuality She takes a genuine interest in everything she does, without the need to put on any airs. When you are the subject of her passion, you can be sure that an NYC escort will provide you with her full attention. Her passion also makes her a sensual woman who enjoys her time with you, and her sincerity will put you at ease with her during your nights of ecstasy. Above all, top NYC escorts are professionals who will ensure that you get everything you desire, both in the bedroom and out of it. From your wildest fantasies to heartfelt confessions, they will be there with you through it all to help you realize your dreams. In addition to fulfilling your erotic passions, they are also great listeners who are sympathetic and genuine towards how you feel. Appreciate your time together with her and lavish her with the same attention and genuineness that she provides to you.