Bad clients: No shows and creeps

You arrive to our appointment twenty minutes late. I’ve been sitting on the bed, staring blankly into space, wondering if you’re standing me up or if you’re just late. I’ve already sent you a text asking where you are but you haven’t bothered to reply. I’m just about to give up and slip out of my slightly uncomfortable lingerie when you finally text me to tell me that you’ve arrived. You come up to the room, slightly apologetic with a small smile on your face. I put on a smile as well because that’s my job and then I ask you what happened to make you so late. You give me an excuse about being stuck at work and I ask you to please let me know in advance next time. When you nod and head right to the shower it’s clear that you don’t grasp the severity of what you’ve just done. You see, not only am I now worried that I won’t have time to shower and prepare for my next appointment but I’m also now pissed off because I was sure that you were blowing me off. To an escort there is not much that is worse then your appointment just not showing up. Most of the time I’d schedule my appointments so that I’d have a good amount of downtime in between so that I could recuperate, relax, and shower. Being late for your appointment means I’m not going to get that time to unwind before my next appointment. Some girls like to schedule back to back bookings so it’s even worse for them because now they run the risk of being late for their other meeting. Not only have you now inconvenienced me by being late but you also made me think that you weren’t going to come at all and I was stuck here waiting for you, staring at the wall, cursing myself for not taking the appointment with Joe the semi-regular instead of yours. Being late for an appointment is bad enough, but flat out not showing is the worst thing you can do. If something comes up and you can’t make it, you better fucking call your escort immediately to tell her that you’re not coming. If you ever want to see her again you had better make up a good excuse, too. If you call or text to let her know you have to cancel she might have enough time to book with another client. At the very least she’ll know ahead of time so that she doesn’t need to get ready. It’s really shitty to spend your time getting your hair, makeup and clothes done for someone who ends up being a no-show. Your escorts time is worth something so be considerate of that. A lot of escorts are putting themselves through school so that time they spent getting ready could have been used studying for that exam or finishing the first draft of that essay. If you’re worried that your escort is going to be pissed with you for cancelling, think of the alternative. If you don’t call and don’t show, that’s a really big insult to her. It says that you don’t think her time is valuable and it’s just all together a disrespectful thing to do. I had one regular who didn’t bother to call and cancel an appointment that he couldn’t make and his excuse for not contacting me was that he was afraid I’d be angry at him for bailing. Really? Do you really think giving me as much notice as possible would make me angry? Sitting in my car outside of the hotel you told me to meet you at has made me angrier then you can even imagine. Telling me you had something come up would have made this situation so much better. If you have to cancel or change your appointment, let your escort know immediately. We live in the real world too so we understand that sometimes something comes up and you can’t make it. That’s fine, really it is. What’s not fine is making up some fucked up excuse after the fact. I don’t believe that you were on your way and your car died and hey, look at that, your cell phone died too! A lot of escorts have a “one strike you’re out” kind of policy for no shows so do yourself a big favour and don’t do this. I don’t think many guys realize this but when you do something like this you won’t just be ruining your reputation with that one escort but you might ruin your reputation with other working girls as well . It’s not just the girls from the agencies you have to worry about because even independent escorts will often chat with other girls in the business and yes, they warn each other about creeps, no shows and everything else. That brings me to another important topic on bad clients. Creeps. You may be wondering what exactly makes someone a creep and actually there are lots of different ways clients can get themselves stuck with that label. I don’t believe there’s an escort out there who hasn’t dealt with a creep, they just come with the territory. Just like in any business where you deal one on one with clients, you will meet some assholes. Some of these men just have no respect for women in general and some just don’t have any respect for escorts specifically, which in my opinion amounts to the same thing anyways. For the most part creeps will generally behave in the same way. They get pushy and start demanding things during the appointment that the escort is not comfortable with. The biggest one is usually anal. Uncovered sex would be a close second. Wanting these things is fine, I mean you are more than welcome to contract an STI if that’s what you want but you need to discuss whatever it is you want with your escort ahead of time. Having a client come in and start making demands during sex is absolutely a terrible thing to go through. Being pestered to let someone fuck you up the ass while they’re inside you is insulting. There are escorts out there who are into that kind of thing, you should have spent the time trying to find one that was open to anal. The truth is most guys who do this want to “bust that cherry” and take an escorts anal virginity. It’s all a fantasy, it’s not just about the act itself. Find an escort, do all you can to try to convince her to do what you want. The appointments where guys do this kind of thing are absolutely miserable. There’s also a real fear that things might get out of control. The pressure to comply is considerable and some escorts go through with it out of fear of what could happen if they refuse. Pushing anything on someone who isn’t receptive to it is a terrible thing to do. Even if you’re trying to coerce her into doing something in a way that you think is being nice and sympathetic, stop. No means no. If you’ve asked her for something and she’s said no, drop it. It’s not going to happen. Another kind of creep is the bareback creep. Sometimes they’ll ask for it ahead of time and when refused they say that it’s okay, they’d still like to book the appointment. However once they get there they pretty much immediately start pestering the girl. They will start trying to sweet talk the escort into giving an uncovered blow job or having unprotected sex with them even though she’s already explicitly said no. There are escorts out there that will do bareback willingly but these guys have a special interest in escorts who won’t do it. I guess they realize that escorts who insist on condoms are more likely to be free of STIs then one who offers uncovered sex. Having a client try to persuade you to have sex without a condom is a miserable experience. You’ll be worried the entire time that they’ve somehow managed to pull the condom off. With these kinds of guys it’s smart to keep your hand on their cock to make sure that the condom stays on throughout the entire session. It doesn’t take much for them to slip the condom off especially in certain positions so escorts always have to be vigilant about this. Even better? Tell them to fuck off and leave the appointment. Blacklist them and refuse to see them again. If someone has so little respect for you as to try to pressure you into doing something you’ve repeatedly stated you’re not into, then they don’t deserve your time. If you still want to go through with the appointment that’s up to you but be safe and keep a tight watch on that condom to make sure it doesn’t go flying off when he thinks you’re not looking. Then there are the creeps that call you up in the middle of the night and try to convince you to come over and fuck them and maybe