Good Morning Ladies. New blacklist below :)

“Waste of Time” and “No Call No Show” clients listed all the way at the end. If you sent in a name you don’t see below, please let me know. XO, Mila ____________________________________________________________________________ Name Unknown – 6787515710 – Atlanta, GA - Gets hostile when you ask him to screen. Wants an outcall to Swuanee, GA with no info at all not even his name. Name Unknown – (7706404076) – Atlanta, GA - Refuses to pay more than $100, won't verify. He texts virus links over and over, if you open them they make your phone crash, will have to get a new phone. Emerson (774-836-5556) Cape Cod area - never pay's full donation, he forced himself on a girl trying to have unprotected sex with her Jesse Leaundre Thomas – (202-271-5882) DC area - After date left $10 on bathroom counter. Has violent tendencies be careful Trey Garcia (215-874-3891) New Jersey - LAW ENFORCEMENT Name Unknown (706-431-3749) – Atlanta, GA - Aggressive, hostile and makes racial slurs. All because he didn’t like the donation Name Unknown - (305-479-5875) - Deerfield Beach - Said his wife was giving him a “birthday present” Saw 2 models together for a duo for an outcall. Finished with the both of them and took off and never payed. After, they realized the apartment was empty, not one picture in the whole place. The condo is at Waterways Development at the beginning of the Sawgrass (10th st.) in Deerfield Beach. (he was not aggressive towards them) Brian (941-822-5348) Based in South Florida but travels the state - Sets up secret spyware and is uploading the videos to Pornhub for money. Claims he’s the owner of “All American Roofing” Frank Kendall Humphries (404-482-7140) Douglasville, GA - Aggressive stalker. Possibly mentally ill. Stay away Robert (786-762-6625) North Miami - Raped and robbed a model Chance Robert Hawk (240-446-7458) - Had no references so sent photo of ID. After the date he took the money and left, never payed. Steve (201-560-3369) – New Jersey - Was smoking crack in the room at the date and never payed Excat name unknown - – Maine - Pedofile. Asked a model to set up a "special" session and when she asked what kind of special he sent her photos of himself violating a little girl. Goes by Anthony - (813-320-5602) - Tampa, FL - He set an appointment for 12:30pm with a model. A man showed up at her door at 11:50, he knew her real name and said he was a citizens group with law enforcement. He talked his way inside, saying he was helping her by checking that there were no underage people or drugs in her home. He then asked if she would like to hang out and tried to unbuckle his pants. She told him to get out. He began threatening to email her employer with her ad and asked if her boss knew what she does on the side. He was threatening on multiple levels, but didn't touch her. WASTE OF TIME - Marko Bond - - Name Unknown – (470-774-3658) - Paul Rockwell – (401-347-6997) – Boston - Neil Warren – (404-429-3119) sex talk over the phone - James Stanley – “Moneyman6691” on TER - - Name Unknown - Gives fake references - Martin Lassan - – DC area - R Wakeman - – DC area - Colin McCarthy - (908-866-1924) – New Jersey - Will – (347-241-8780) – Brooklyn - Name Unknown - (407-326-6899) – Plantation, FL NO CALL NO SHOWS - Andre J. Trusko – (443-206-5985) Washington DC - Chris – (860-977-3142) DC area - Ed – (508-319-9595) Rhode Island - Danny – (508-809-0008) - - Frank Ferdik – (850-490-8358) – Professor at University of West Florida - Chuck – (850-816-6040)