Help! It's My First Time With An Escort

So you've done it. You've gone ahead and booked your very first escort, in New York City no less. And now you're as nervous as hell about meeting her. What should you do? How should you dress? What if you don't like her at first sight? What if you like her too much? Is it rude to kiss her deeply? What about payment? While there must be a million questions on your mind, the first thing to do is to relax and take a deep breath. Don't worry, because we've got you covered with tips below on what to do for your first meeting with a New York City escort: 1. Show up on time Just like any other date, do show up on time for your first meeting with an NYC escort. You are paying for her time and it's good manners to be punctual. Don't let her down by not showing up at all! If you have second thoughts or you need to cancel for any reason, have some courtesy and call ahead to let her know. 2. Dress well Good first impressions count, even more so for your first meeting with an NYC escort. No one is expecting you to pull out all the stops and go black tie (unless you are meeting your escort for a formal event) but do make the effort to look groomed and tidy. Cut your hair, trim your nails, and wear some cologne. No one wants to go to bed with someone who smells, so ensure that your personal hygiene is well taken care of right from the start. 3. Tidy up Maybe you've chosen a hotel room for your first meeting with an escort, or maybe she is coming to your home. In either case, it helps if you could tidy up the place before she came over for the first time. Wash up any dirty plates or glasses lying around, empty the ashtrays, clear away dirty laundry, and make sure the bathroom is clean. You could also stock some mouthwash, towels or tissue paper in the bathroom for use later on. 4. Welcome her When a guest comes over to visit for the first time, what do you do? You offer them a drink and make them comfortable. It is no different with an NYC escort. Give her some time to relax and get to know you. Try your best to be friendly and welcome her during her first meeting with you. A bit of light chit chat to break the ice is great, and getting to know her as a person before you kiss her can do wonders for your time later on in the bedroom. If you decide that she is not the best fit for you, do let her know politely. 5. Pay discreetly A good piece of advice on payment is to pay as soon as possible, before you proceed into the bedroom. One, this helps to get the question of payment out of the way. Two, both you and your escort can move on to focus on more pleasurable matters, such as your time in bed. Needless to say, it would be embarrassing for you to count your money in front of your escort for her payment or expect her to hand change for bigger bills over to you! Don't shove your money right at your escort – prepare an envelope with the correct amount and hand it over to her after the initial welcome. Although it makes sense for you to be nervous about your first meeting with an NYC escort, just remember to keep your cool. As with any other person, communication is key to finding out how you should act with your escort. A professional and high quality escort will be able to put you at ease immediately, even if it is your first time.