Hiring and Escort 101 pt.2 – The Things You Can Do and Things You Should Avoid

When you are hiring the services of an escort, there is a lot you should know beforehand to avoid screwing up. You may be thinking that the rationale behind getting paid companionship implies that you are entitled to do as you want, and you would be incredibly mistaken about it. Even low-paid call girls have standards, and the high-class girls working for certainly need their clients to have some level of understanding about proper social conducts. The way it works with escorts are pretty similar to a date, and the only thing difference is that you don’t have to worry to impress the woman at your side since she’s the one focusing on you. With that being said, here’s a brief list of Do’s and Don’ts when you hire an escort: The Things You Can Do • Don’t bargain. It makes you look cheap. When you hire an escort you do so following specific financial terms. Asking for discounts, it’s a big red flag for them, especially if you really like her. An escort that is appropriately paid for her services without any hassle will look forward to being with you again in the future. • Be respectful. It makes them comfortable with you. An escort is not asking for reverence. She will not hassle you to treat her like a queen the way a girlfriend or a housewife does. But they certainly expect you to be respectful and treat her as you would treat any human being. Remember that you are establishing a relationship based on benefits provided after payment. You are not buying her person to do as you please, you are paying for an experience. The Things You Shouldn’t Do • Don’t avoid hygiene. It makes you unattractive at first sight. Any regular girl would disregard a guy for looking disheveled. We are not asking you to open the door in a three-piece suit, but being well groomed never hurt your chances to score additional brownie points. Escorts certainly seem to cultivate their preferences too. We would be lying if we said they don’t care about the general outlook of their clients. Those who do their best to look and smell good stay on their memories. • Don’t fall for her. Seriously, don’t make it weird for your escort, especially if you are a regular client. Always keep in mind that you are paying top-dollar for the best company you can have suited to your needs. It’s the ultimate form of fulfillment for your fantasies. Once your escort goes out of the door, she stops being the person you pay her to be. If you fall in love with her, you are falling in love with your own fantasies. • Don’t play with their time. Escorts have a pretty busy schedule, especially on a city like New York. If you call for the services of one of our girls avoid canceling at the last minute, a couple of hours ahead will do the trick. Going over your scheduled time it’s also frowned upon unless you are willing to cover the additional cost of it. Last but not least, never ask for a refund, escorts don’t work like that. They offer you the driver’s seat to fulfill your fantasies, but you must be very open to explaining them down to the last detail for them to do a good job.