The Fresh Feeling of Going Out with a “Good Girl

Let’s talk fantasies here for a moment. A lot of guys seek the services of escorts to play out their fantasies and one too many times the girls at get asked to play the "Good girl" role. While there doesn’t seem to be a fixture on how to play the part on specific terms from man to man, most of them focus on asking for a woman on her early twenties with soft features on her face. Most of the calls made by men according to our girls are for a way to negate the current estate of social constructs. These guys do not want to deal with someone that boast the empowerment that many women experience in the current, outspoken world where women constantly challenge the role of men. They need to experience for a while the tenderness of a girl that speaks softly to them and plays the part of the complacent partner. Men who Want Women to be Good to Them? While it may sound weird to some, the variations on the theme make this fantasy something worth exploring. Many men out there want to experience the sense of having a girl with proper manners that are well behaved in public, and act as such when it comes to intimacy. Innocence is a prized power fantasy for many men and escorts that can provide it are considered the gold standard for these particular clients. Another variation of the theme is having a good girl on the role of the perfect girlfriend during social events, and a fiery lover with the most savage tendencies in the privacy of the bedroom. A reversion on that role is also requested, with men allowing a girl to be as outspoken as she wants in public but downgrading her act to the one of an innocent girl when they finally get a chance to be intimate. The Increasing Role of Something Missing The role of a “Good girl” is a way to cope with the impositions of a new world that seems to be more demanding that women become something that can compete with men on equal terms. The social struggles on cities like New York certainly seem to create a lot of strain on guys that see their positions threatened. While it hasn’t become a trendy thing among the many fantasies our clients ask for to our girls, it certainly seems to be a way to explore something that has been lost for many of them. It’s not a surprise that many of the clients asking for such services are older guys. Most of them don’t look for a power play, they just long for a time when women had their best interests in mind and they weren’t the opposing faction to them on all regards. Are you one of those guys? Do you wish for a good girl to give you a wild time when you come to New York? Don’t forget to schedule an escort with us. Our girls indeed are aware of this and know how to look the part and play it to perfection.