TV Shows which Showcase the Most Nudity

Nudity TV Shows which Showcase the Most Nudity Not too long along it was quite hard finding a TV show which could have said be suitable for all types of audiences, but however a lot of has changed in the last decade. Today, TV networks care more about the number of viewers than anything else. And the fastest and highly proven method using which shows can get a good amount of viewership is by showcasing scenes of “Nudity” and “intercourse.” So, if the above line has piqued your interest, the following are few of the best TV shows which showcase the most nudity. 1) Shameless Just as the show’s name suggests, most of the actors on this show play a role in which their character is quite literally “Shameless”. Although during the initial phase of the show not a lot of nudity was shown, things changed drastically by the start of the second season. And due to this, the popularity of the show saw a drastic rise which helped extend the show instead of cancelling it, which was said to have happened due to its low TRP in the beginning. 2) Orange Is the New Black If there is one show which has a ton of nudity and is better off to be seen on a smaller screen without an audience, then that’s Orange Is the New Black is perfect. The show has a ton of sex scenes, thus leaving the viewer very little room for imagination. The main premise of the show is of a girl who goes to prison and has to now spend time in there with her ex-girlfriend who is also in the very same prison. 3) True Blood Although the show revolves around thestoryline consisting of vampires, it is said to have a ton of graphic scenes more than blood-sucking and killing. The show showcases a ton of sex scenes involving threesomes, same-sex and even orgies. 4) Game of Thrones This list of TV shows showcasing the most nudity could not have been completed without this TV show being on the list. Game of Thrones most definitely has been praised a lot for its storyline, but it is not suitable for people of all ages. The show has a ton of scenes which showcase complete nudity and also a ton of sex scenes which are quite alarming and cannot be found even on the big picture today. 5) Spartacus Although the show Spartacus has a fantastic storyline, the main reason why this show makes it onto this list is because of a single episode. The entire episode encompasses a ton of nudity and sex scenes which could be quite difficult for one to watch, especially with a crowd. Make sure you are absolutely alone if you are planning to watch the scene, as things are quite wild.