U.K. Adult Professionals Group Releases 'COVID-19 Toolkit'

LOS ANGELES — The U.K. Adult Professionals (UKAP) non-profit organization has released a "COVID-19 Toolkit" for studios, performers and content creators working in the U.K. adult industry which includes recommendations for risk assessment and a waiver template. "The 'COVID-19 Toolkit' provides recommendations on how to create and produce adult content safely, taking into consideration the risks regarding COVID-19," a rep explained. "As people return to work during this time, people have different considerations to take into account so UKAP felt it important to supply the U.K. industry with a toolkit which can help support the industry in making COVID-19-related decisions." The group felt it was important to release the information to everyone, not just to their own members. "The toolkit has been designed with those in front of and behind the camera in mind and can be used by anyone, not just those in the U.K., though the toolkit has been based on U.K. government guidelines," said the rep. Find the "COVID-19 Toolkit" here and follow UKAP on Twitter for the latest updates.