Where to take your escort date on a night out in NYC?

The greatest thing about a place like New York is that you can get anything that you want if you know where to look for, and more importantly if you can afford it. The city is full of escorts willing to make you feel great. If you are feeling adventurous, you can do a quick search on Yelp and get some insight on a few lounges and bars where beautiful escorts are ready to share a drink with you and keep you company as long as you like. Some of the most sought after are listed below: • Madame X, located at 94 W. Houston St. in Greenwich Village. This lounge bar is known for having a super chilled atmosphere where the music can help your mind forget about the hardships of the week. Their cocktails are known to be pricey, but the women found on any given weekend are some of the best looking in the area. • Never Sleep Alone, located 425 Lafayette St. in North Houston. The establishment is a club where a mixture of comedy and art performances are offered through the night as the party runs in a Cabaret-like ambiance. Dr. Alex is your main host through the night, and he’s there to advise everyone on to go home with the right companionship. • Please Don’t Tell, located at 113 St. Marks PI in the East Village. This outlet might be one of the most original places to find companionship in New York, the bard is hidden behind a phone booth, and it leads you to one of the most relaxed places where everyone is chilling and enjoying the music. It’s certainly a little bit pricey than previous recommendations, and while it doesn’t have a dress code, it would be best if you tried our best with your attire. The bar is packed, both in drink options and beautiful women.