Bronx Escorts

The Bronx is the only location in New York City that is not an island, and it’s one of the most colorful places to visit if you are a first-timer to the big apple. All of our girls know their way around town, and they are more than willing to show you a place that has a lot to offer. As far as attraction goes only Manhattan can rival the Bronx in entertainment options, there is no shortage of restaurants, museums, sports arenas, green areas, and even beaches. You could say the Bronx has a little bit of everything that makes the other locations unique by merits, and you would probably be right.

So how do you begin a tour that has so much to offer? You can always go with the safe route and go to the most obvious choice: The New Yankees stadium has been in place since 2009, just a few blocks away from the original location. The place commemorates the longstanding history of one of the most successful sports teams in the city. If you prefer to enjoy nature in an urban setting, you can visit the New York Botanical Garden that has an ever-changing exhibition of nearly all the flowers found on earth. You can also visit the Sprawling Gardens at Wave Hill or if you prefer, the Bronx Zoo, one of the most conscious conservatory spaces for animals.

Being in a part of town that is so intrinsically linked to sports has a lot of benefits. The Bronx has quite a few bars and restaurants for locals and visitors to have a bite and share a drink before going to the stadium or to celebrate after a win of their team. Picking one out of the directory it’s almost impossible since there are so many to try out. If you are coming to visit for the first time, it would be best to follow the advice of your escort as she will lead the way to what suits your preferences.