Greenwich Village Escorts

Greenwich Village is considered one of the most artistic venues of New York City, a place that is famous for being a sanctuary to some of the most talented folks in America as well as famous visitors. It is still regarded as the best place to go if you want to enjoy good music or if you want to eat an exotic meal. The number of bars and restaurants in Greenwich can easily rival the ones located at SoHo, but the sensibilities are pretty different. Such is the case with entertainment as well.

If you are looking for something unique to do in Greenwich, you can always try the Edgar Allan Poe exhibit “Terror of Soul.” The attraction has at least a hundred items related to the life and works of the author who is more of a fixture in places such as Baltimore. After you are done, you can go to MacDougal Street and enjoy one of the many business outlets where you can sit and enjoy a meal or try a new beverage. Some of the best Italian food can be found in places like Carbone. A Kluger meal can be had at the Loring Place, or you can visit a classic site like the Minetta Tavern.

As we mentioned earlier, clubbing in Greenwich plays very differently than any other NYC setting. The place is full of stage bars where comedians are rolling around the clock offering great performances. The Comedy Cellar is among the most popular one. There is also a lot of places where you can sit to have a drink a listen to good live music. Sites like Le Poisson Rouge and The Bitter End are some of the most popular options out there given their backstory with famous people like Bob Dylan and Jimmy Hendrix.