Long Island Escorts

Long Island certainly has a different feel to other locations in New York City. No pumping lights are keeping you awake. There is no rushing nightlife to keep up until the next morning. The island indeed is a more relaxed place, and the main focus of a visit there is centered on the many beaches and shopping options available. Our escorts will gladly guide you through a visit to this spot, but all of them will let you know beforehand that Long Island is a place entirely dedicated to pleasure.

As we already said, Long Island is more suitable for guys that enjoy contact with nature. You can choose to visit the Lavender fields by the bay. They look at their best at the beginning of the summer. If you want to see farm animals, the Catapano farms are there to melt the heart of any girl that goes with you. If you prefer to take a stroll in the beach, the options are many: you can go to the Oyster Bay and get some of the best seafood you can have in New York. If you rather take things easier you can go sightseeing to the Montauk Point Lighthouse or take a swim in Cooper’s beach.

If you get tired of the beach, you can go to other natural outposts such as the Sands Point Reserve or the planting fields located at the Gold Coast Homes. After such a long day of earthly pleasures, you always indulge in good steak at the Tellers Chophouse or go to Commander Cody’s Seafood in Shelter Island. Nightlife is not exactly dead in Long Island but is not thriving as it does in NYC. You always go to one of the many cultural events taking place at the Northwell Amphitheater or go to Adventureland Park. We are pretty sure that our escorts can keep occupied even if you don’t find anything to do at your liking outside.