Queens Escorts

Queens has a special place in the heart of the world when it comes to New York City Locations. The site it’s often cited by many shows in pop culture so it’s easy for new visitors to think that this part of the city can be pretty wild. While this far from the truth, the reality is that Queens has a lot to offer on its own merits and we are glad to say that none of it has to do with police dramas or anything dreadful. Queens is the perfect place for cultural appreciation and nature lovers. The numbers of parks and museums found here seem to back up this claim.

When it comes to green areas, many visitors believe that Central Park is the be-all end-all of natural outlets available in the city. Most of them certainly don’t know anything about Corona Park. The second largest green space of NYC is the house for a large number of cultural centers and art exhibitions such as the Flushing Meadows, the Queens Museum, the Queens Botanical Garden, the Queens Hall of Science and the classic Unisphere from the World’s Fair held in 1964. There is also the well-known Citi Field where the U.S Open takes place every year.

Queens is also a great spot for food enthusiasts. Our girls are well informed about the best places to enjoy a meal no matter the type of expectations you have. The borough has a lot of offer centered on regional options. A recent flood of entrepreneurs is exporting their recipes to open business parlors such as The Arepa Lady, a place solely focused on offering Venezuelan dishes at good prices. If you prefer to enjoy a steak, you can visit the M. Wells Steakhouse, their grilled offerings are best appreciated on an empty stomach due to the size of the servings.