Stamford, CT Escorts

No, you are not here by mistake. The ladies at are willing to work with clients located in Stamford. We know they are part of Connecticut, but they are close enough to warrant our attention as well as the services that only we can provide for them. Stamford has the settings of a small town, but its close enough to the city to have enough life on it. Even if the most exciting things happen during the daytime that’s why our escorts are well trained in the arts of entertaining men behind closed doors. A long day exploring Stamford can be balanced with a very passionate night in good company.

The rule of thumb when you visit a place as quiet as Stanford is to go for the unusual since those are the things that turn out to be more attractive. In the case of this small city, most of their attractions are centered on the obscure, mysterious or just plain curious. The Walker Librarian of the History of Human Imagination is one of them. Most of the books found in this place center on the exploration of the human mind. The town also started a new branch of expansion that got shut down due to mystery reasons, today the remnants are known as “Ghost Town.” There are other curiosities such as the Glasshouse of Phillip Johnson and the Norwalk mansion that was used to film a few horror classics.

If you prefer to play it safe and enjoy a nice meal in a pleasant environment, there are quite a few popular places where you can sit down and have a drink as you enjoy the fresh climate. You can go to Kona Grill, a well-reputed restaurant for their offering of seafood made with fresh ingredients. Flinders Lane is one of the many regional options where locals and visitors alike can enjoy the best selection of Australian dishes. If you are craving old-fashioned Barbeque, you can pay a visit to Brother Jimmy’s BBQ a place famous for twisting the various recipes of BBQ from North Carolina into their own versions.