Uptown Escorts

The Uptown section of NYC is regarded as one of the most changing locations in the city. The ever-evolving district is a treasured mixture of classic settings that doesn’t seem to change with others that are in place one minute and are entirely replaced by the other. Uptown New York is considered the top spot of culture by many socialites across town, but there is no reason to avoid it on behalf of the art snobs and critics. As your escort will let you know, art is subjective, and beauty is in the sigh of the beholder.

If you wish to enjoy some urban art, you can ask your escort to take you to the Graffiti Hall of Fame. While the city has gotten more adverse to taggers, there are still a few gems to be found in this place. There is also your choice of famous theaters and museums such as the Apollo Theater, the Symphony Space, and the Beacon Theater. If you are more nature-oriented, you can always enjoy a walk through the American Museum of Natural History and get some insight about the past of the human race.

If you are a down to earth guy and complex expressions of culture are not your thing, don’t worry! Uptown has something for you too. If you are a beer guy, The Jeffrey is the right thing for you. The craft-made liquor sold on this place can challenge your taste buds for hours. If you get hungry, you can visit the Red Rooster on Harlem. The place is pretty popular for serving dishes that have a cultural background to them. At the end of the day, you can go and enjoy some comedy at the Stand Up, a place where a lot of comedy guys got their start.